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Business partners

Are you looking for support and/or advice? Our business partners present themselves in the overview below.

Audittrail is an international consultancy in the field of information security, privacy, operational risk management and business control. Audittrail delivers a variety of social engineering tests and awareness campaigns. Audittrail is also a Microsoft partner in the field of Security & Compliance.

Audittrail is the organization behind CMF software: the ideal tooling for the privacy officer, security officer and compliance manager. CMF is the most practical solution for controlling privacy and security programs. With CMF you have everything in one hand and reporting and accountability is simple. With CMF you are in maximum control of privacy and security!

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Bink Advies pragmatically helps organizations meet various (international) requirements and standards in the field of information security and privacy such as ISO 27001, NEN 7510, NEN 27701 and ISAE 3402.

The collaboration with Auvaro is aimed at guiding organizations with the design and implementation of the necessary measures and procedures so that the "Assurance" activities of Auvaro are completed as well as possible.

We do this by paying attention to your organization, by speaking to your colleagues, by examining work processes and by discussing opportunities for improvement. In a natural way and with support from all involved, we will then implement the improvements that add value to your organization and enable you to achieve your certification and compliance goals.


BMGRIP helps organizations to set up and maintain integrated management systems, for example in the field of information security. It does this by providing consultancy and supervising implementations and certification. As well as by taking care of the complete management and optimization of integrated management systems.

The partnership between Auvaro and BMGRIP focuses on providing complementary services that help organizations improve information security. Auvaro  will assess whether a management system set up using BMGRIP meets the requirements of the ISAE 3402 standard. Another example of the collaboration is the targeted use of penetration tests to test whether the ICT environment as described in the management system meets the requirements of the ISO 27001 and/or NEN 7510 standard.

Buro kim

Buro Kim is a specialist in the field of ISO 9001, ISO 27001 and CSR certifications or Quality Management, Information Security and Corporate Social Responsibility. Buro Kim provides advice on these certifications and guides organizations in preparing for and maintaining an ISO certificate. The collaboration with Auvaro ensures that organizations are prepared and certified without any worries.

CertificeringsAdvies Nederland

CertificeringsAdvies Nederland has many years of experience in assisting companies with regard to certification issues. They do this by providing advice and training in the field of quality, information security, working conditions & safety, environment & CSR and food safety. In the approach they take your organization as a starting point and not the standard. The standard must provide added value for day-to-day business operations.

CertificeringsAdvies Nederland guides Auvaro's relations with regard to certifications in the field of ISO 9001 and ISO 27001. During the collaboration, CertificeringsAdvies Nederland provides the organization with advice, awareness and training. Auvaro will then test the efforts made. By means of professional advice, we jointly lift the internal organization to a higher level, resulting in successful certification.

Instant 27001

Instant 27001 is a directly deployable ISMS aimed at companies that have a strong focus on ICT services, such as software development, hosting and/or management.

Because Instant 27001, in addition to all the necessary examples, also contains all the explanations and a project planning, it is very suitable for companies that want to carry out the implementation independently, but advice (remotely) is also available if desired.

Add-ons are available for ISO 9001, ISO 22301, ISO 27017, ISO 27018, ISO 27701 and NEN 7510.



Plasman Solutions

Molenaar&Plasman Solutions is a rapidly growing management consultancy specialized in information security, privacy and quality improvement. You will find us with customers in telecom, ICT, media, (facility) services and industry. Both for SMEs and (multi)nationals, in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. From an infectious drive we are busy every day helping our customers with various organizational issues. Involvement, unburdening and actually delivering added value are of paramount importance to us.

QSN Risicomanagement

QSN is the consultancy for guidance towards certification and strengthening business processes. Organizations often see certification as a 'must', we see it differently. It is not about certification, but about what makes certification possible. We believe that certification is a step towards further growth and professionalization. Towards transparent processes, learning organizations and better results. The collaboration between Auvaro and QSN focuses in particular on our ISAE 3402 services, the guarantee that processes that have been outsourced are demonstrably 'in control'.

Vidar Security

Vidar Security is a consultancy that provides high-quality services to its clients in a reliable, practical and effective manner in the field of information security, quality, training and audit. She uses a practical and realistic vision to offer her customers the best result. Reality is the starting point here, not theory. Through years of experience, within a multitude of organizations, Vidar Security has developed a clear and effective vision that has proven to achieve good results.